The Generations Project

The Generations Project is a non-profit that hosts intergenerational storytelling events and other activities to bring to life the history of local LGBT communities.

Mobile-responsive WordPress site hosted on AWS with a custom theme built from scratch to a design by Robin Doğrucu. Interactive events timeline to come.

TGP Homepage

TGP Homepage

Brooklyn Drag Archive

The Brooklyn Drag Archive is the digital component to a Brown Institute for Media Innovation project exploring performance art and drag culture. Meant as a lightweight social network for performers and fans, users can upload and tag photos/videos, create profiles, and submit to a community calendar of events.

Mobile-responsive WordPress site hosted on AWS with YouTube API integration.





Designed and implemented MVP web application for company providing customer feedback services for business-owners. Users can create, deliver, collect, and analyze customer surveys.

Multilingual, mobile-responsive, single-page static web app built in AngularJS and powered by Firebase.





In July 2011 I co-founded the medical device company Avantari. In addition to being involved in management, product design, branding, patent research, pitching, firmware development, software development, biomedical research, and a hundred other things, I also made our website:



The Manbox

While at Vassar College, I helped construct a large wooden box in the most heavily trafficked part of campus.

I and the other members of Vassar’s sexual assault hotline CARES were so impressed by Tony Porter‘s concept of the “man box” that we decided to erect a physical manifestation. We defined the manbox like so:

The manbox represents a set of traditional images about masculinity that society has built for us, a construction that in some ways creates an environment that enables and tolerates violence against women.

For Sexual Assault Awareness Week this year, CARES has built this box to facilitate a conversation about manhood: how and whether these socially defined roles support those men who are abusive, and how well-meaning men who are pressured to stay in the manbox can break out of it and speak out against domestic and sexual violence.

We covered the Manbox in paper and invited passersby to write, on the inside of the box, qualities that society expects of men – like being tough, not backing down, and being in control. The outside of the box was intended for attributes that are not usually part of society’s perception of masculinity – like being emotional, or being unsure. A rousing discussion ensued. The full-size images are intentionally large so that you may follow them:



A thank-you again to Tony Porter (co-founder of A CALL TO MEN) who got us going with a talk he gave at Vassar in 2007, which later became a TED talk you should watch. See also the original flyer for the manbox.

Maya Animations

With an enduring love for SIGGRAPH Ece Dogrucu and I created these three animations in Maya, which I present to you in reverse order of their completion:


The Oblivious, the Awkward

Unstable Chamber