How to change things

For all those yearning, unicode-less blackbox users who wish to use Turkish workspace names (a group of which I make up a large part – according to www.lostinthebox.com I am the only part) here is a solution for your bleeding hearts. Yes, that’s right, a font that has been butchered to take advantage of some of the more useless of the 256 characters blackbox’s ANSI encoding supplies. Thus, I took a font called nu and have created an even nuer font: yenee. It is an all caps font that might only look good in size 12. The following Turkish characters can be obtained by copying the font into Windows\Fonts. I have replaced less-useful characters such as § with glyphs of the necessary Turkish characters. Simply copy the non-Turkish character (or use the Unicode value in parentheses – try holding alt and typing them) and it will show up as the Turkish one when blackbox displays it. Ready? I am.

  • Ç: ¤ (0164)
  • Ğ: § (0167)
  • İ: ` (96)
  • Ö: ¬ (0172)
  • Ş: µ (0181)
  • Ü: ¶ (0182)

That is, the latter characters will appear like the former, Turkish characters, in this font, because I made it so. After installing the font one must just change “toolbar.font” in your blackbox style to yenee, and the size to preferably 12. Voilà.