ANC Part II: Fruitfully applied to any country in the world

More of what my job’s random, unrelated sentences from the American National Corpus have taught me.


  • 1727) This is the first case in American medical history in which cosmetic surgery was reported to have been caused by John Goodman.
  • 1939) It’s a staple of the assassination attempt coverage to call this operation the worst blunder in Mossad’s history.
  • 1943) (Homework assignment: find a single front-page piece in the entire history of the NYT emphasizing Hitler’s fondness for animals and children.)
  • 2479) Your inaccurate presentation of history is dangerous.
  • 2205) For the rest of us, a translation: What those tired and huddled masses that wash up on America’s shores are tired of, specifically, is history.
  • 2317) This is a poet’s or a philosopher’s approach to history that could fruitfully be applied to any country in the world.
  • 2246) Soon, however, she’s writing “A Short History of the Slut.”
  • 2322) At one point Davis borrows Walter Benjamin’s melancholy idea that history is a dialectical fairy tale–a bunch of contradictory stories people tell about themselves, “linked together by strange ironies.”
  • 2605) This is like imagining that a dinosaur died in a standing position at the Museum of Natural History.
  • 2008) I must be the person with the lowest metal content in the history of air travel.
  • 2109) I can see many other examples of this in my eating history.
  • 2672) This is something truly new in the history of the known universe.
  • 2394) Thus, I consider myself part of the constants of history, not part of an evolutionary trend.
  • 3059) Rather, it is the artistry that rubs off on the person steeped in the best parts of culture: the phrase unconsciously plucked from a 17th-century poem or 16th-century play, (no matter how corny, like Methinks the lady doth protest too much), or the single word that indicates at least passing familiarity with history (like defenestration), the fragment of an air associated with a Bach fugue.
  • 2673) In the most tragic examples, a charismatic professor will entice them into a lifetime of French medieval history, about which their curiosity is exhausted before they get their Ph.D.s.
  • 2774) If just one kid were to come home from school determined not to covet his neighbor’s ox, that would more than make up for his utter ignorance of science and history.
  • 2823) Planned Parenthood, the Museum of Natural History, CNN–what’s the connection?

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