ANC Part III: An incendiary and corrupting influence

My education continues. As it happens, so does the job.


  • 572) It was an honor to share breakfast conversation with one of the few people the disgruntled smartasses of my formless generation can genuinely look up to as a formative influence.
  • 30) His influence was considerably shorter-lived, but for at least 20 years it rolled over the United States like an aesthetic Juggernaut.
  • 574) Without the purifying influence of the press, the United States would devolve into a totalitarian police state within about 20 minutes.
  • 640) That is like saying that my pressure on the gas pedal is only one of many influences on the speed of my car.
  • 593) (As a testament to the growing influence of Hispanics in America, salsa now outsells ketchup.)
  • 714) Female physical beauty is an incendiary and corrupting influence that could lead to lawlessness, social disorder, and anarchy.
  • 144) As anticipated, the hysterectomies had a large influence on the rates and probabilities of pregnancy.

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