ANC Part I: Roil and split and mow them down

What my job’s random, unrelated sentences from the American National Corpus have taught me.


  • 845) Throughout our history, until very recently, we all had worms.
  • 849) In the history of the planet, there has never been anything as productive of life as a wheat field in Kansas.
  • 901) Japan’s long history of absorbing outside influences has resulted in a society in which people expect to have a Shinto baptism, a pseudo-Christian wedding (usually held in a hotel “chapel” and officiated by an unordained foreigner in a robe), and a Buddhist funeral.
  • 951) The Museum of History (open Tuesday–Saturday 10am–6pm, Sunday 1–6pm; closed Monday; admission HK$10 adult, HK$5 child) opened its new permanent collection at the end of August 2001.
  • 1012) Room three is devoted to the so-called heretic period of Egyptian history when Ahkenaten established a religion based on only one god and founded a capital at Tell al Amarna in central Egypt.
  • 1024) But today, the area’s golden history has been tarnished by abandonment and an ongoing parade of hustlers and lost souls wandering the boulevard.
  • 1162) Melancholy history surrounds the monastery to the southeast, down the hill.
  • 1180) We appeal to history, that defense of scoundrels, to argue that television seems a pretty harmless way to distract children, at least when you compare it to the alternatives.
  • 1362) The great bitches of entertainment history understood this.
  • 1394) The tectonic plates of history roil and split and mow them down.

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