Italian-Americans of Earth Origin

Both are Italian-Americans of Earth origins and as such themselves represent a foreign influence on Mushroom World. Mario, in particular has been an iconic figure in all events of political significance in Mushroom World and the Grand Finale Galaxy as a whole. Opinions differ greatly as to whether his influence has been a benign one. While he indeed saved Princess Peach, Toad and other notable leaders from various threats, it is also known that his enormous wealth (in the form of Gold Coins) has been accumulated through non-conventional means and further, that he made extensive use of asymmetrical warfare techniques in combating what he unilaterally perceives as threats to the status quo. These techniques include the use of incendiary munitions, growth hormones, camouflage and dimensional shifting, amongst others. He is known – indeed famous for – ritual drug use, specifically mushrooms, in persecuting his attacks on others.