Willow Trees

We have willow trees? Two folks with acoustic guitars are nestled in the branches just below where the umbrella bursts. Not very interesting. The two are each on their own small rock jutting out of the ocean about 20 feet off the shore of Cavo di Patresi on Elba. It’s a crappy music video. One of them has a drumset, he’s at the foot of a small staircase off to the side of the pews, drums on gargantuan stones. The other guy still with his guitar, hanging upside down from the archway, obscuring a bored looking cherub wrestling a unicorn. The only ones to hear their music are benign Zeuses staring in some direction, and a few wispy women in wispy robes with passive faces.

No. One more. Both with guitars again. They’re on a chessboard, appropriately sized, each a pawn on the edge. Two old men in mid game watch the board as if it is about to come to life (they don’t notice two small guitarists). Flecks of snow dawdle amongst the pieces. The board is a table, checkers almost worn off, and the pieces belong to the rough leather pouch crumpled to the side, frosty. The two guitarists shrug, and continue.